Hotels / Holiday Resorts

Hotels and Holiday Resorts

People go on holiday to relax, enjoy themselves and take a break from their everyday life, worries and routine. With that said, it’s important they feel safe and secure in their chosen hotel or resort, and the establishment has a duty to their guests to ensure their safety, security and overall pleasure.

Window security is often overlooked, but by adding window restrictors, guests will be able to leave children unattended even when windows are open and unlocked. This is especially vital on high rise hotels, and every window above the ground floor should be fitted with a window restrictor!

Sash jammers are a simple way of enhancing hotel security and can be installed in guest’s rooms. This is an essential piece of secutiy for rooms on the ground and first floors, where it is possible to access the windows with ladders. Sash jammers can also be installed in communal areas, like the reception, where cash might be kept.

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