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Safety and security is important in any home. From ensuring everyone is safe from everyday household hazards on the inside, to defending against anyone trying to get into a property from the outside – precautions must be taken.

In any home where children might be running, playing or sleeping, it’s important to protect them from everyday hazards. Around 4,000 children a year fall from windows, and the dangers of having an open or unsecure window cannot be ignored. Window restrictors can be installed to halt that hazard, and can be especially useful in kid’s bedrooms or playrooms where they might be left unattended.

With the help of both sash jammers and window restrictors, homeowners can have more peace of mind when it comes to how secure their windows are. Sash jammers physically stop intruders from forcing their way through a window – they are easy to fit, compact and extremely sturdy. Often window security is overlooked, but with just a flick of the sash jammers locking arm, a window is secure and a home safer.

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