Lockable Window Restrictors

Lockable Window Restrictors

Lockable window restrictors are designed for windows where they may need to be fully opened such as homes, nurseries, care homes and schools.

Approximately 4,000 children under the age of 15 fall from windows every year in the UK; but our lockable window restrictor has been designed to prevent this from happening. Once installed, the restrictor stops the window being opened too far – with a maximum gap of 10cm. Not only is the gap too small for anyone to fall out of the window, but it is also too small for anyone to get in through the window – improving the overall security of a building.

The window restrictor has been made with safety in mind. As it is lockable it means the window can still be fully opened when required such as in the event of a fire. This means they can be installed to any door or window without comprising the safety of those inside. This is therefore ideal for buildings such as homes, schools, nurseries and more.

The steel cable is very strong. Testing has proved the restrictors can withstand forces of over 1000N and in most cases well over 2500N (255kg) when the cable is locked into the locking system. This makes the cable more than capable to hold the weight of a child, and the steel cord is extremely difficult to cut or break by an intruder.

The lockable window restrictor is also Biomaster protected! Biomaster protected products have antibacterial properties, meaning harmful bacteria is much harder to spread on these surfaces. A chemical is added to the plastic in the restrictors which helps keep it clean and germ free, making it ideal for schools and nurseries where bacteria and germs are common.

Features include:

  • Can be used on all types of windows and doors including uPVC, aluminium, wooden and metal profiles
  • Uses a 20cm steel cable to limit the window gap to just 10cm
  • Can withstand forces over 1000N (most tests exceed 2500N – 255kg)
  • Biomaster protected – ideal for schools and nurseries where germs are common
  • Unit is lockable so window can be fully opened if necessary
  • Can be used on fire escape windows provided the key is kept in easy reach
  • Universal key so it is easy to get a replacement if lost


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