Lockable Sash Jammers

Lockable Sash Jammers

Lockable Sash Jammers are ideal if you want extra security on your window and you do not want people on the inside being able to open the sash jammer and open the window.

Lockable sash jammers protect a window against an intruder prying the sash leaf from the window and forcing entry – a very common burglary method. Once installed the lockable sash jammer physically stops the burglar from forcing open the window!

The lockable version of the sash jammer also has the added advantage that when locked with the key, the locking arm cannot be moved out of position. This is perfect to stop children unlocking the sash jammer and opening the window – and can be used a vital safety feature.

The sash jammer offers resistance from the inside when pressure is applied to the window from the outside. The sash jammer comes with packers so you get a perfect fit on the window. It is fitted to either the window frame or the inside panel depending on whether it is an inwards or outwards opening window. When the locking arm is moved 90 degrees to its locked position, the window is secured. A key is then used to lock the sash jammer in place.

Features include:

  • Prevents the levering of the windows sash leaf
  • Easily secured locking arm
  • Lockable and comes with a key
  • Strong and robust for resistance against forced entry
  • Designed for uPVC windows
  • Comes with 1mm and 2mm packers
  • Available in white and brown


White | Brown


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