Product Testing

Product Testing

Strength Testing Machine

The strength machine tests the resistance of a material to breaking under tension. It is used to see how well our window restrictors perform when pressure is applied to them.

Some window restrictors in the industry claim that the cable can withstand forces over 500kg. However this does not mean anything as it is the strength of the locking system which the cable locks into which stops the window from opening. Our window restrictors are attached to pieces of plastic or timber to see how well the fixings perform with the overall product, which gives a more accurate test on the overall product performance.

Products are tested to 1000N (1KN) of force, but we always aim to exceed 2500N (255kg) of force. Tests are in accordance with EN16281:2013.

Salt Spray Testing Machine

The salt spray machine tests the corrosion resistance of the window restrictors and sash jammers. The salt spray cabinet produces a corrosive environment, by releasing a dense saline fog into the chamber which the products are exposed to. This creates accelerated corrosion to the product and allows us to test how well the product would stand up in harsher environments.

Window restrictors and sash jammers are tested for 480 hours to make sure that they will not pit or corrode.

UV Sunlight Testing Machine

The UV sunlight machine is used to test how quickly the coloured plastic on the window restrictors and sash jammers will fade in the sunlight. It does this using UV lights which the products are left under for 2000 hours to make sure that the colour will not fade.

Window Restrictor Opening Gap Test

In accordance with EN 16281:2013, the window restrictor is installed on a dummy wooden side hung window (size 1000mm wide x 1200mm high). An opening load of 350N is then applied to the window sash.

A check is then made whether an 89mm diameter probe can pass between the frame and sash. This makes sure that the window restrictor cable is not too long and limits the opening of the window so that a child could not fall out of it.

Window Restrictor Cutting Test

In accordance with EN 16281:2013, the window restrictor cable is put through a cutting test to make sure that is does not break, have visible cracks or permanent deformation due to this test. A force of 3600N is applied to the window restrictor cable via a specified cutting device.