About us

About Us

Secure your window, secure your safety!

Window security is often overlooked. A building could be safe and well secured from all other angles, but if the window has no extra reinforcement the overall security of a home, business or establishment is compromised.

‘Secure your window’ is concerned with improving the overall window safety and security of everything from residential homes, to hospitals, to hotels and more. Our window security solutions are cost-effective, easy to install and have proven to make a property more secure and those inside safer.

Sash jammers are sturdy and robust. They are a necessity if you want to ensure no one can get through a window from the outside. They prevent the levering of a window sash, which is a very common burglary method. They are compact, discreet, simple to install and inexpensive.

Window restrictors, whether fixed or lockable, have been designed with both forced entry and child safety in mind. It has been reported that in the UK alone over 4,000 children under the age of 15 fall out of windows each year! Our window restrictors have become the fastest selling restrictors on the market, being supplied all around the World. This is due to many factors including price and performance, as well as surpassing all relevant testing standards.

So, if you want a simple solution to improved window security look no further.